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Movie Artists’ Association was formed on 04-10-1993 with Padmabhushan, Dr. Chiranjeevi as its Founder President and Padma Bhushan Dr.Akkineni Nageswara Rao as Chief Advisor. The term of the office is fixed at 2 years.  The Other Office bearers were Sri Gummadi Venkateswara Rao and Sri M.Prabhakara Reddy as Vice President’s, Sri M. Murali Mohan as Secretary, Sri M. Balaiah and Sri K.J.Saradhi as Joint Secretary’s and Sri M.Mohan Babu as Treasurer took charge of the office.

The Presidential post was held by stalwarts like Superstar Krishna, Sri Nagarjuna, Sri Mohan Babu, Sri Naga Babu and the post of General Secretary by Sri A.V.S, Late P.K.Mallikarjuna Rao, Sri Ahuthi Prasad A.J.V. etc., Since then many stalwarts of the Telugu Film Industry have contributed their mite to the betterment of MAA in various ways.

The Association has started with about 50 Artists’ as its members and now swelled to about 700 members, which clearly shows their confidence in the Association.

MAA is fortunate enough to have senior artists’ such as Sri Paruchuri Venkateswara Rao, Sri Paruchuri Gopala Krishna, Sri Kota Srinivasa Rao, Sri R.Srihari, Sri M.Srikanth, Sri Ahuthi Prasad A.J.V., Late P.K.Mallikarjuna Rao, Sri A.V.S, Dr. Rajasekhar, Sri Jagapathi Babu, Sri Junior N.T.R, Sri Tarun, Dr. Rajendra Pradesh, Dr. Brahmanandam, Sri Babu Mohan, Sri S.V.Krishna Reddy,Smt. Jayasudha Kapoor, Smt. Vijaya Nirmala, Smt. T.Sarada, Smt. Vani Sree, Smt. Jeevita Rajasekhar etc., in its committee and they fulfilled the duties of Executive Vice President, Vice President, Joint Secretary, and Executive Committee Member’s during their course of tenure.  MAA has done commendably to conduct Two Cricket Matches to collect funds for the upliftment of needy artists.  MAA has so far helped about 200 Artists’ financially.  The Senior Citizens from the Artist fraternity were treated as Hony.Members giving self respect to the Association.  MAA has solved about 500 Cases of financial problems between Artists’ and Producer’s with the help of Producers Council.  All the Artists’ Birthday’s are remembered through a letter wishing them “Happy Birthday” every year.

When MAA conducted its 10 years celebrations has felicitated about 75 Senior most artistes’ for their talented contribution to the Telugu Film Industry  and who have now retired graciously and happily.

Every year a Diary has been brought by MAA with full particulars such as Names of Artist’s, Producers, Directors, Writers, Studios, Shooting Spots etc., with Phone no’s, thus it has become very useful with Production Offices, Producers and Managers etc., It is not out of place to mention that the diary is in great demand from all Crafts of the Industry.

MAA has made it a policy to felicitate “Nandi Award” winners every year.

Movie Artists are the first to raise to the occasion when ever the state faces any problem, such as floods, draught or any kind of natural calamity and the Artists’ contribute in a generous way. Very recently when A.P. faced severe Floods, Telugu Film Industry conducted a Starnite  duly inviting popular and senior artists’ from Tamil, Kannada and Hindi film field and  contributed 10 cores to the Chief Minister Relief Fund under the auspicious leadership of all Producers, Directors and all other Crafts.  The main lead taken by Sri. Dasari Narayana Rao, Dr.  Ramanaidu and Sri. Nandamuri Balakrishna and M.Murali Mohan.

Further Mediclaim Policy has been extended to all members of MAA since 2000 and the policy amount of 10 to 15 lakhs per year was paid by the Association itself.

MAA has commanded great respect from all the Crafts of the Industry for its gentle behavior and give and take policy.

Currently MAA is lead by the President Sri Rajendra Prasad and General Secretary Sri Sivaji Raja. Smt Manchu Lakshmi and Sri Sivakrishna serve as the vice-presidents of MAA.



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