Role of social media in Influencer marketing

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This is a small article on the role of social media in Influence marketing and the advantages of it.

Influencer marketing is very crucial in the marketing of any product. It is a form of marketing where the focus lies on finding influencers and using them for marketing rather than targeting the whole market.

In regular marketing, we run campaigns around the products and services we offer along with their values to the buyers. Though effective, the problem with this method is we give choice to software to find our target audience and the campaign we run based on these doesn’t involve any human angle.

This is where influencer marketing makes a lot of difference. Influencers are the ones who have a certain influence on buyers. They will add the human angle to make the products more relatable to the customers. Influencers are key for any business to succeed on a large magnitude and there are many types of influencers.

Celebrity influencers from various fields:

It is well known to all of us that celebrities from various fields are used for marketing different kinds of products. Though this is an effective method, it has its own disadvantages. The product will reach only to those who follow the celebrity. Also, there is no guarantee that those followers will go ahead and buy the product.

This, in turn, leads to fewer conversions.

Role of social media in INFLUENCE MARKETING:

Social media has become the go-to platform for the majority of customers. Since various kinds of products have specific channels, pages, and groups, customers have the choice to follow only the ones they like using or plan to use.

This gives us an opportunity to use these channels as an influencer. Since customers voluntarily choose to follow these channels, they will have a bonding established with them. Thus the human angle of these channels helps to form trust on the products and lead to more conversions.

Majority of people across the globe are using some sort of internet connected devices hence the role of social media in influencer marketing has become very crucial. Influencer marketing using social media far more effective than the traditional method. It costs less, audience group is already established and the influencer has human bonding with them.

Social media is on the rise, so choose wisely. 😉