Types of jobs In Digital Marketing

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Types of jobs In Digital Marketing and their demand

As mentioned in our previous blog post – “Introduction to Career in Digital Marketing“, there is a huge demand in the market for qualified digital marketing professionals. In this blog post, we will talk about the types of jobs in Digital Marketing and their roles.

Types of jobs in Digital Marketing:

Digital Marketing is a vast field with so many different aspects. Digital Marketing involves many platforms such as search engines, websites, Social media, emails and mobile apps. As each platform is different and unique, there are specific roles and opportunities for each skill. Below are the different types of jobs in Digital Marketing basing on areas of expertise:

SEO Analyst / Executive / Manager & SEM Analyst / Executive / Manager:

Types of SEO jobs

Billions of web browsing sessions begin with a search query. With more than a billion websites competing for the top spot in search results, everyone knows it is very difficult for many companies to drive traffic to their site from search engines. This is where SEO/SEM (Search Engine Optimization / Search Engine Marketing) professionals who can help to drive traffic to a client’s website are needed the most.

SMO Analyst / Executive / Manager & SMM Analyst / Executive / Manager:

Types of SMO jobs

Social Media has changed the way brands communicate with their audiences and customers. It has evolved into a powerful method for creating brand awareness, building a positive image, and generating leads. With more than 1 billion people using social media every day, there is a huge requirement for SMO/SMM (Social Media Optimization/ Social Media Marketing) professionals who can keep the client’s audience and customers engaged on social media platforms.

Email Marketing Analyst / Executive / Manager

Types of email marketing jobs

Email marketing is the oldest and one of the most effective forms of marketing in the digital world. Email marketing reaches the consumers in a way that social media marketing cannot. Remember, there are people who don’t use social media but there are not many who don’t use emails. The demand for email marketing professionals who can use email as a weapon to market and generate sales is always huge.

App Marketing Analyst / Executive / Manager

Types of appmarketing jobs

In the recent years, the usage of mobile devices has increased drastically. With the increase in usage of mobiles, the usage of software and applications for mobiles has also increased. So, a need for App marketing professionals who can devise the right app marketing strategy to promote business and generate conversions is very high.

Affiliate Marketing Analyst / Executive / Manager

Types of Affiliate marketing jobs

Affiliate Marketing is another effective way to promote business and increase the leads for clients in product manufacturing and distribution. Generally, affiliates (partners) are the ones who have a good following on social media channels and blog portals. Affiliate marketing specialists who can identify the right affiliates devise marketing strategies are in huge demand.

Whatsapp Marketing Analyst / Executive / Manager

Types of Whatsapp marketing jobs

Whatsapp is the most used messenger platform across the globe. Even the people who have smartphones but don’t use Whatsapp are forced to use it because almost every other person you interact is on Whatsapp. A WhatsApp Marketing specialist with additional skills in digital marketing has great opportunities.

Digital Marketing Analyst / Executive / Manager

Types of Digital marketing jobs

This the role with most demands in the entire digital marketing profession. A person who has the skills across various digital marketing platforms mentioned above is a hot cake everyone ready to grab.

Content Marketing Analyst / Executive / Manager

Types of Content marketing jobs

Without content, there is no digital marketing. Well written, targeted content is the backbone of all the digital marketing campaigns. Without good content, even the best marketing strategy fail to perform. A specialist who can analyze and produce versatile and interesting content in both traditional and modern trends has a huge demand in the market.

Graphic Designer/Video Editor:

Types of Graphic Designer jobs

For various digital marketing campaigns, there is always a need for good-looking images, entertaining videos, branding images etc. These images and videos carry the brand value and also engage the audience. Hence there is a huge demand for a graphic designer/video editor for every Digital Marketing team.

These are the various types of jobs in Digital Marketing and the demand each role has. Read our blog “Skills required to start a career in Digital Marketing” to know what skills are qualifications are needed to start a career and get a job.

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