Digamarthi Sri Ramakanth (Digital Marketing Specialist)

A Digital Marketing Specialist and Strategist backed by 3+ years of experience across various aspects of digital marketing like Google Adwords Campaigns, Social Media Ad Campaigns, Viral marketing, Email marketing and many more. Check out my bio here to know my expertise.

Ability to handle multiple projects simultaneously without compromising on quality and deliverable s is my strong point. And the designer in me is a value addition to any business out there.

Digital Marketer - Developer - sriramakanth

Projects Handled – Digital Marketing

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Karthik Content Writer - sriramakanth

Karthik Bathula (Content Creation & Management)

A versatile and perspective Content Writer with 1+ years of experience in diverse projects with superior quality writing skills and SEO understanding. My projects include but not limited to fields like Films, Politics, Sports, Food, Lingerie store and corporate offices.

Ability to write great content in short time covering all SEO requirements with desired quality across various fields is my strong point. My versatility definitely adds value to business as I understand things from many perspectives.

Projects Handled – Content Management
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